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February 12th & February 13th

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Thursday, February 13, 2014 -

So today was a "down day". For us this meant that we had a leisurely breakfast and lunch on the ship and the activities for the day were up to us! Some chose to stay on the ship while others biked to the Olympic Park to see what was going on at the Proctor and Gamble House.  This terrific house, sponsored by P&G provides relatives of athletes food, drinks, and more importantly a common place to hang out and connect. It is really a great environment and we are enjoying it a lot!

Throughout the day we took some fun photos, gave a shout out for Good Morning America, exchanged lots of Olympic pins and realized that children all over the world have similar behaviors, like being amazed by the sites and sounds of the Olympics and also mischievous while waiting for their parents!

During our visit today, we were offered tickets to the USA men's hockey game against Slovakia! We went to the game, sat in amazing seats and had a wonderful time and won 7 to 1.

Tomorrow is another down day and we are excited to see what it brings. We have been ending each day with "today was another great day" and this day was no exception!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - USA  2  Canada  3, tough loss

We won't talk too much about the game...didn't go our way. The team is very positive, think we will bounce back.

We had a lot of fun and got to see Lyndsey after the game.

Wes knocked it out of the park with his body suit.  We estimate he was asked to pose with various Russians over 150 times on his way to the arena and another 50 in the arena. He made the jumbo-tron numerous times during the game. Erin, Laura and Bob were his bodyguards...and he needed it.  Nice job Wes and crew.

This Pic was published on Yahoo Sports.


At P&G House

On the walk to the arena. Wow, the crowds loved him.

Mom with her wacky hat.

Go USA!!!

Lyndsey got to come to the P&G House for dinner after the game. It was awesome to see her.

More fun tomorrow.


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