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Thursday, February 20, 2014 -

In late 1996...a little girl looked through a chain link fence at some kids playing roller hockey on a tennis court in Chandler, Az. She grabbed the fence with her tiny fingers and said, "I wanna do that"!  Today she laces up her skates for the gold medal game at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 -

Head for the hills!...It was off to the Mountain Cluster for the kids...shopping and sightseeing for Warren and Marilyn.

Team USA Mom's and Dad's in the P&G House.

The plumbing is fragile here, so they don't want paper in the sewer. Lynne found this sign in a WC (Water Closet) up in the mountains. Funny stuff.

TriPaw met us when we got off the bus today...He's still doing great.

Gold medal game tomorrow night, lets go get it Team USA.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014 -

And then the rain came...snow in the mountains too.  Maybe we will see some good skiing tomorrow.

50's & 60's since the day we got here and now we see our first rain. Frycycle's performed perfectly.

Mom and Dad took a rest day as we had no events planned today. The rest of us went to the park anyway...chilled in the P&G, saw Nancy Kerrigan and Skeleton Silver medalist Noelle Pinkus-Pace at the USA House....and scored some tickets to parallel snow boarding in the mountain tomorrow. Another great day.

Push!!! Push!!! Push!!! Closest that we will ever get to being a bobsled team. No matter how hard we push, it doesn't matter.

Monday, February 17, 2014 -

Sweden came to play and so did we. 70 shots on goal for Team USA and a 6-1 win. Next stop...the Gold Medal game.  Go USA!!!!

USA Hockey Article on Lynz - Article

AZ Central Article on Team Fry - Article

Sunday, February 16, 2014 -

Today we experienced a change in weather...it got C O L D! However we also found a fabulous solution to managing the cold, a T A X I which helped us stay warm and get to our Olympic destinations. Erin and Wes watched men's hockey of Russia vs Slovakia, Warren and Marilyn toured the Park and hung at P&G while the rest of us watched men's hockey of Norway vs Austria. We took some fun Park pictures and after a warm ride home, we hung in the "Team Fry hang out area (also known as the lounge) awaiting our evening visitor!


Lynne scored some guest passes on the Grand Holiday tonight for out local news hounds Mark Curtis and cameraman Garret. They were focused on "life on the ship." Be on the look out for that little diddy perhaps tomorrow evening.

Saturday, February 15, 2014 -

Laura and Bob took a day trip to Adler where they enjoyed some local beers while watching the black sea roll in.

Day started later as we were up late the night before. Doug and Lynne rode the frycycles to the media center for a quick interview with the Arizona Republic. Then on to the park for a quick trip to the P and G house where Lynne won tickets to the Russia vs Slovakia game on Sunday which she gave to Wes and Erin to enjoy.

Team Fry reconnected on the ship to watch the men's USA vs Russia hockey game. It was a great game and the enthusiasm between the crowd watching was exciting. We learned a couple of chants the Russians yell at hockey games. Shybu which means " get the puck" and "Rus-C-ah" which is how they pronounce Russia. To promote international diplomacy Bob felt compelled to buy a round of drinks to some losing fans much to Laura's chagrin.

After a victory for the USA we played a fun card game called 85 with the group while waiting for our 9:30 dinner time to arrive. After that we hit the sheets early.

FryDay, February 14, 2014 -

Today was Valentine's Day. We went the opposite direction from the Olympic Venue and headed on our Frycycles to Adler, sub-hub of Sochi. We rode to the seashore, some of us went down to the rocky beach to test the water temperature...Stuck our feet in the water in the Black Sea.

We ate lunch and shopped
It was a beautiful day in the high 50's.

After we got back to the ship, the rest of the group went over to the Olympic Ice Rink for an opportunity to see Lyndsey after her practice. The grandparents stayed at the ship to take a nap before a show later tonight.


More Pic's Below - Fun at the Park and later on the ship.

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